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Oct 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to san francisco for a year, get a job," and my mother... c-span: right from ireland. >> guest: straight from ireland, from county cork. it used to sound very romantic to me. now it sounds really impulsive. my mom had one child at that point, so they went for what was going to be a year and they ended up staying there. they're still there. my mom fell in love with california and... c-span: how many kids in the family? >> guest: six -- five girls, one boy. c-span: and then where did you go to college? >> guest: i went to college at berkeley, which is across the bay from where i was raised. my step-daughter's is there now c-span: studied what? >> guest: i studied rhetoric and economics. i started out being an economics major because i thought i wanted to go to law school, discovered, in fact, that i really loved the study of rhetoric, which is one of the the most ancient faculties, and decided to just do both. c-span: and how did you get to the washington post? >> guest: well, my senior year at berkeley i did an internship at newsweek magazine in their san francisco bureau. and i
Oct 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
present, where is he located in this time? >> guest: he's a pathologist in the san francisco area doing lots of other things--climbing all sorts of mountains around the world, still being an adventurer, but always thinking about this flu and always reading everything he could about influenza and molecular biology and wondering when would the time be right for him to go back again to alaska and try to do something to find out about this virus? c-span: so we jumped from '51 up to 1995? >> guest: right, yeah. c-span: and you mentioned jeffrey taubenberger... >> guest: right. c-span: ... who was out here at the pathology institute. >> guest: institute--armed forces institute of pathology. c-span: is he a military man? >> guest: no, he's not. c-span: he's a civilian. >> guest: he's a civilian. c-span: and what's his background? is he a medical doctor? >> guest: yeah, he is. he got a md, phd degree, so he's both a medical doctor and also was trained as a phd scientist. he--he had just--he just sort of stumbled into this kind of a career. he's a--he's a brilliant man who always asks the right
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2